Antje Duis Gallerie


Biography of Antje Duis

1943   Born in Gotha, Germany
1960-1964   Studies at the Art School for Handicrafts in Offenbach am Main (Book illustration, Offset printing, Graphic design)
1964-1966   Studies at the STAEDEL Art Academy in Frankfurt am Main with Prof. Heinz Battke (Painting and drawing)
1967-1972   Teacher of handicrafts and art at a state school in Drochtersen near Hamburg
1972-1983   Teacher of art at a private school in Bern, Switzerland
Since 1983   Free-lance artist based in Thessaloniki, Greece
1992   Co-founds the “AMALGAMA” artist’ colony
1997   Involvement in the POLYTECHNON workshop as part of “Thessaloniki – Cultural Capital of Europe 1997”
Since 1972   19 individual and 33 group exhibitions in Germany, Italy, Switzerland and Greece




Works of Antje Duis

1964-1968   Copper engravings – mixed technique – ink painting
1996-2002   “Mount Olympus” postcard series – aquarelles
2000-2002   “Metamorphosis” – recycling art
2002-2003   “Nature morte maritime” – aquarelles
2000-2010   “Bright shadows” – photography
1999   “Traces” – Performance / Camera: Garabet Bisdikian
2012   "Meditation” – recycling art


The way Antje Duis perceives nature is strongly influenced by Zen theory, karate-do ethics and the philosophy of the Indians. This means that nature is not merely a source of “matter and form”, but also a bearer of “spirit and soul”, which turns it into a “vector of energy”. Artist Antje Duis is striving to portray exactly this link through various forms of artistic expression she uses.